Greeting from the President

My contribution is not aimed at fleeting promises, but long-term actions: to be a committed and entrepreneurial woman, to be a citizen who acts from a sense of solidarity, a hard worker and activist to build the long yearned-for change that will transform the gritty tough reality of so many women and men. A change that from today onward, when I take office as the President of the Navarra Parliament, I will aim to place this institution at the service of all citizens. Because we are here to add dignity and worth to every person’s life.

Because individual commitment is necessary, but collective commitment is essential. My vision is of a common road between all of us who live in Navarra-Nafarroa, heeding discrepancies as an instrument for possible accords and agreements in favour of the most precarious.

These tumultuous times necessitate sincere, healthy and different commitments that have nothing to do with the classic logic of politics. And I will face my post as President of this high institution of Navarra –the Parliament– with this same philosophy.

Circumstances and time are on our side. The change has started because –without renouncing now– we are the owners of our present. It’s not a time for excuses, but for courage and empowering citizens to plan a future horizon full of different colours, opportunities, desires and realities.


Ainhoa Aznárez Igarza

Presidenta del Parlamento de Navarra




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