Greetings from the Speaker

I am pleased to welcome you to the Internet portal of the Parliament of Navarre.

Understanding the world and living in society today without the Internet and without the new information and communication technologies is impossible, as these have represented an in-depth transformation of the way the citizens and the institutions that represent them relate and express themselves. The institutions, as an essential cog in the wheel of our democratic system, cannot fail to become involved in the new changes that characterise the so-called Information Society.

The Parliament of Navarre, the expression of the will of the Navarre people, freely shown in the polls, must be a living, dynamic and transparent institution; a generator of ideas and solutions that will contribute to the common good; a receiver of social demands and concerns; and a space for dialogue, consensus, co-existence, plurality, ethical commitment and investment in modernisation, especially with respect to communication and the relationship with all of us who live together in the Autonomous Community.

That is why this website intends to be a gateway to knowledge of the parliamentary institution, to the democratic values it amasses and the activity and functions carried out by each one of the members of parliament that make up the Chamber, who must listen to the concerns of society, using all the means at their disposal to guarantee the attention it deserves and to make the citizens’ participation one of the driving forces for the parliamentary initiative.

I, as President of the Parliament of Navarre, hope that this Internet site, and the full potential offered to us by the new intercommunication channels, will help the political representatives in their daily parliamentary work, will improve the functioning of the institution, will bring it closer to society and will permit the citizens to share the effort and endeavour on jointly resolving to cope with the important challenges ahead of us.

Alberto Catalán Higueras
President of the Parliament of Navarra


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If you would like to take part in the matters which the Parliament debates or if you would like to ask the Speaker something, then this address offers you an open door to your Parliament; you have the floor and the chance to ask questions and express your opinions on anything you are interested in regarding the work and functions of Parliament.